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Below are some resources to help you whether you are birding locally or around the world:

Birding Without Borders

Birding in the US and Abroad

Birds of Hillsborough County

Field checklist of the birds of Hillsborough County

Field Trip Guide

Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Field Trips

Five Ways to Help Birds Survive

How to help vanishing birds

Hummingbird Gardens

Native Landscaping Webinar

Dr. Doug Tallamy of Florida Wildflower Foundation

North American Birds Checklist

Planting for your Neighborhood Birds

Bring birds to your home today with native plants

Protect Important Waterfowl Habitat

Buy Federal Migratory Bird Stamps through the ABA

Reporting Banded Shorebirds

Reporting Banded Yellowlegs

Reporting Tagged Vultures

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