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Field Trip Guide

Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Field Trips

Field Trip Guide

What to bring, what to expect, when participating in a Tampa Audubon field trip.

Bring Binoculars – Even large birds of prey are hard to spot with the
naked eye, in wooded areas. Binoculars will help you to see many of the birds you could only
hear otherwise.

Bring Sunscreen – Especially on field trips where you know that you are looking for
shorebirds, like Fort De Soto Park and other wide open areas like the Orlando Wetlands.

Bring Bug Spray – If you are out in the warm months of the year it is very important to
bring bug spray. (Check the individual field trip for details. Leaders have indicated which trips
you really need it for.) If you are being bitten you won’t be having a good time!

Bring Water – The amount of water depends on the temperature outdoors, your size and
age. During the hot months, several bottles will help make the trip more enjoyable. Always
make it a habit to take water with you with when hiking outdoors. Staying hydrated is the key
to enjoying birds (and yourself) on hot days.

Bring a Snack and/or Lunch – Most trips are in the morning and end around 11 – 12:00
depending on the venue. Some trips have restaurants on the property or nearby. If we plan to
eat together, it is noted on each field trip.

Beginning trips at Lettuce Lake - you will be on your own for food. There are many nice places
to picnic in the park after our trip concludes.

Special Needs - Many times we are out on a trail or in the woods. If you have special
needs, please be mindful of them and take care of yourself. Attend trips that are within your
physical means. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the trip leader (all
leaders names are linked to their email addresses) prior to the day of the trip to get details.
The leaders of our Field Trips will assist you seeing, knowing what you are hearing, and
identifying the birds that you will see. The trips are planned to certain locations at just the right
time of year to enrich your experience and make sure that you will see lots of birds!

Attention Boy Scouts – Working on your Bird Study Badge? Come along with us on a
beginner’s birding trip at Lettuce Lake Park – we have many scheduled through-out the year, or
any of our other scheduled trips.

We can help you observe and identify many species of birds. Depending on the time of year it
is not uncommon to find more than 20 different species of birds all in one trip. Our leaders can
help you identify birds and tell you a little about their habitat. We can also tell you if the birds
you see are migrating birds or if they stay here year-round. Certain parks, like Lettuce Lake, are
good habitats for a variety of birds. Come along with us to find out why. Also most members
participate in the Christmas Bird Count in our area. Ask birders first hand, what information
they record and how it’s done.

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