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Circle B Bar Reserve
A Treasure in the Birding World
by Linda Bennett, EZTrails Coordinator

Circle B is a treasure to the birding world. There, you'll see many types of birds. You'll see wading birds, eagles nesting, owls and migrants, including Painted Buntings and warblers. Ospreys and Northern Harriers have been seen recently. Other wildlife includes bobcats, raccoons, armadillo and an abundance of alligators.
I have gone on many of the trails with my all-terrain wheelchair. I find the best place to start is the parking lot near the Heron Hideout trailhead. One of the best routes for birds is Alligator Alley. I have no trouble on this trail. However, DON'T take Shady Oaks trail. Instead, use the management road to or from the Discovery Center. The Eagle Roost Trail is no problem, and it takes you close to the eagle’s nest. DO NOT go on Marsh Rabbit Run; it has a lot of roots that make it impassable for a chair.

There are other trails that start near the entrance to the park, I hear they are passible but I have not taken them.
This park is truly a gem, and it's open every day from sunrise to sunset. Circle B is run by the Polk County Environmental Lands Program, and there is no admission charge. The park has a Discovery Center, but it's best to check the website before you go to see their hours since the hours change.
Circle B Bar Reserve
4399 Winter Lake Rd
Lakeland, Fl 33803

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