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Guided Field Trips & Other Local Events

DISCLAIMER: Individuals participating in a Tampa Audubon Society (TAS) Field Trip does so at their own risk, and acknowledges that TAS has made no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the safety of participating in activities at these sites. All participants will be required to sign a waiver form releasing TAS and its representatives from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damage, costs and expenses resulting from any injury or damage caused by failure to follow instructions provided by trip leaders.

Local Field Trips & Events

<< Simply use the arrows on each side of the <month and year> to scroll through the calendar month by month and see what's coming up. Click on field trip title to see details. NOTE: All events are shown in Eastern Standard Time.

Hillsborough County is home to over 200 species of birds during parts of the year, numerous mammals and herpetofauna, and many lovely native plants, including rare orchids. We hope you'll join us as we explore the great outdoors!


Our field trips are open to the public, to anyone interested in birds, nature and being outdoors. Pets and smoking are prohibited. Individual field trips will state approximate length of trip (i.e., half day, all day, 1 mile, 6 miles) and degree of difficulty. The monthly walk in Lettuce Lake Park on the second Saturday of each month is a great introduction for beginning birders. 

Advance registration is required. Please contact the Trip Leader for further coordination. Be sure to plan accordingly: bring water, snacks (lunch is appropriate), hat, sunscreen, binoculars, and dress for the weather (see the current forecast for Tampa below). Keep emergency contact information on your person (for example, in your chest pocket or on your phone).

Carpooling is encouraged! Please start with full tank of gas. Be prepared to share the cost of gas, tolls, and park entrance fees. All field trips meet at a central location for carpooling and coordination. Maps and directions are provided on the website ahead of time; please bring your own maps. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time (allow longer if you plan to buy food). Check the website for details and updates shortly before each trip. 

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