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March 2023 Program: Florida's Butterflies

Presented by: Dr. Marc C. Minno

Zoologist and Conservationist

Thursday, March 2

6 pm - Photo Club (Learn how to participate here.)

7 pm - Potluck (Bring a dish to share)

7:30 - Announcements and Program

In-Person and Zoom

Tampa Garden Club

2629 Bayshore Blvd

Tampa, 33629.

Registration Not Required

Join by Zoom any time!

Dr. Marc Minno, an expert on endangered butterflies and their habitats, has literally written the books on Florida’s butterflies. He will share fascinating facts about these beautiful insects, including which ones we can see here, what they do and how we can interpret their behaviors, where they live, what their caterpillars eat, how they are doing in Florida, and how we can invite them to share our world. He loves butterflies, and his engaging talk is inspirational and highly informative.

Dr. Marc Minno received his undergraduate degree in entomology from Purdue University, a Master’s in entomology from the University of California at Davis, and a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Florida. He has worked for many years on the conservation of rare plants and butterflies in Florida. Dr. Minno recently retired after working as a Water Resources Coordinator with the Suwannee River Water Management District in Live Oak. He has written or co-authored numerous scientific and popular articles on Florida butterflies and moths, including Florida Butterfly Gardening and Florida Butterfly Caterpillars and their Host Plants.


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