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Tales from the Trail: 07/16/18

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

Every week, Mary and a handful of dedicated volunteers hit the bike trails at Flatwoods Park and check on the 40+ nesting boxes in place there. This is their story:

Bluebird fledglings in the nest. Photo provided by Mary Miller.

I arrived at Flatwoods Park early today thinking that I could beat the heat, but no such luck! It was hot, but the bluebirds are still nesting, chicks are still fledging, and we even have a third nesting in box F37.

We have a total of 158 fledglings (137 bluebirds, 8 chickadees, 13 titmouses), 15 bluebird chicks and 12 bluebird eggs.

Also included are pictures of the chicks in boxes F15, and F25. The chicks in box F30 have fledged and I attached a picture (below) of the remains in the empty nest which gives us a sneak peek into their diet: grasshopper and dragonfly parts.

What Else Did We See?

The only creatures other than bluebirds that I spotted today were a green chameleon, mourning doves, and ground doves. The park is still full of blooming plants, including St. Andrew's cross (Hypericum hypericoides), and false hoarhound (Eupatorium rotundifolium).

Check back next week for an update!


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