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You Are My Sunshine - President's Letter May 2024

“You are my Sunshine, My Only Sunshine, You Make Me Happy, When Skies are Gray . . .”

We all know this childhood song, and it is one of my favorites, especially these days, as I am so enjoying interacting with my two-year-old grandson. He is a ray of sunlight in my life. When I start to count my blessings, he leads the list, with my two sons, siblings and their families.


But there are other rays of sunlight that I value, too, including the Tampa Audubon Society. We have so much fun, working together! As you know, our mission is very broad and undefined generally, and that gives us scope to be flexible and respond to opportunities to protect birds, wildlife and their habitats, using education, advocacy and community involvement.


When we look at our Accomplishments in 2023 (see the February Avocet) we see that we do a lot of different activities. Our volunteers want to participate in a variety of ways, using their skills, energy, and enthusiasms to suit their particular talents. As we know, when people get to do what they want, they actually will do it! We have a number of projects that allow our volunteers to focus their work as they wish.


So, I invite you to look at our committees. Is there something that speaks to you and your skills? Maybe you want to learn about birds or habitats in a way that is new? Maybe you have another idea for Tampa Audubon to consider working on – Note: if you suggest something, we will expect you to help lead the effort!


We are working together for a great goal – to make our region better for birds and other wildlife, and to benefit us and our children and grandchildren and the Hillsborough County community. And that makes this effort “the sunshine of our lives!”

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