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Photo Club Goes 100% Virtual

Updated: Jan 22

By Jonathan Hoiles, Photo Club Leader


Starting in January, the Photo Club went 100% virtual. In January, we had 63 photos depicting 29 bird species and 16 general nature scenes shared during the meeting. We continue to use this time to inspire one another, encourage development, enhance our visual and technical skills related to nature photography, and encourage one another to use nature photography to support nature conservation.


Our next meeting will be 7 pm on Feb. 15. All TAS members are welcome to attend, even if you don’t have any photos to share and you just want to see the photos and participate in the discussion. Link to the February Zoom meeting:


During our February meeting, we will announce the winners of the 2023 TAS Photo Contest! We had a record-breaking 81 photos submitted in this year’s contest, and the photos were just outstanding. Please be sure to join the Photo Club in February to hear the winners announced live. If you cannot join us in February, we will post the list of winners on our website and in the newsletter.

Our theme for the February Photo Club is Florida Birds, General Nature, AND Florida Scrub-Jays! The addition of the Florida Scrub-Jay to this meeting will align us with the topic of the TAS General Meeting on Feb. 1. This meeting will feature a discussion of the Florida Scrub-Jay by Audrey DeRose-Wilson, the Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon Florida.

Learn how to share your photos here.

Our February Photo Club meeting will be the perfect time to show off your best Florida Scrub-Jay photos, or if you don’t have any photos of this bird, you now have a photo assignment for next month. Of course, you can share photos of other birds or wildlife during the meeting, as long as they were taken in Florida.


Happy birding!















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