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Bluebird Trail Report 7-19-2021

  • Balm Boyette has 21 TM fledglings and no active nests.

  • Lake Park has 5 active BB nests with 13 BB eggs, 3 BB chicks, and 77 fledglings (59 BB, 12 CC, 6 CW).

  • Sargeant's Park has 10 BB fledglings and no active nests.

  • Flatwoods Park has 2 active BB nests with 2 BB eggs, 4 BB chicks, and 157 fledglings (122 BB, 23 CC, 12 TM). See attached spreadsheet for details. Box 48 now has a mother and three baby Brazilian Free-tailed bats!

Today I was accompanied by Sandy Reed, a great friend and birder, who is responsible for recruiting me 16 years ago to monitor the Flatwoods Bluebird Trail. Thank you Sandy! Even though it is nearing the end of bluebird season and we didn't see many bluebirds today, we had a great time seeing a lot of other beautiful birds and plants. We saw ruby-throated hummingbirds in the native garden feeding on firebush and necklace pods. Along the trail we spotted downy, red-bellied, and pileated woodpeckers, white-eyed vireos, mourning and ground doves, eastern towhees, blue-gray gnatcatchers, northern parulas, wood ducks, Carolina chickadees, tufted titmice, blue jays, a male summer tanager, Carolina wrens, and a turkey vulture.

The native garden is providing a lot of food for our birds and insects. The Simpson stoppers' (Myrcianthes fragrans) berries are beginning to ripen and will provide a feast for a lot of birds and rodents! The necklace pods (Sophora tomentosa) are in full bloom and are one of the hummingbirds' favorites. The blue porterweed (Stachytarpheta jamaicensis), a ground cover, is always buzzing with bees, butterflies and the hummingbird clearwing moths feeding on their nectar.

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