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Bluebird Trail Report 4-8-2019

Today was warm and breezy on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail and we have our first bluebird chicks! We have a total of 32 nests (24 BB, 6 CC, 2 TM), 46 eggs (34 BB, 10 CC, 2 TM), and 11 Chicks (4 BB, 3 CC, 4 TM). Attached are pictures of the 3 Carolina chickadees in box F3, the 4 Titmouse chicks in box F21, and the 4 bluebird chicks in box F36.

In additions to the bluebirds, titmice, and chickadees, I also saw a flock of whistling ducks, a palm warbler, black vultures, and mourning doves. The park is beginning to be quite colorful with more and more flowers in bloom. Attached are pictures of blue-eyed grass (Sisrinchium rosulatum), blackroot (Pterocaulon virgatum), meadow beauty (Rhexia mariana),  black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta), and white-topped aster (Aster reticulatus).

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