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William Laurie



William joined our Board of Directors in Spring of 2024. Prior to joining TAS, he was a member of SPAS (St. Petersburg). His favorite bird is the osprey, because they were a constant for him during a time when he was going through a lot of changes. He felt safe knowing he could catch a glimpse of a very cool bird wherever he went!

William credits his favorite animal, the American alligator, for his interest in birding! He purchased a camera to take better pictures of alligators. When it was cold, he couldn’t find many, so he took pictures of the birds at Lettuce Lake Park instead. His curiosity got the best of him, and he had to learn what birds he was photographing! Wanting to find out more about what he was photographing led into an obsession with birding.

Born in New Orleans and raised on the east coast in Rockledge, FL near the space station, William moved to Tampa in 2016 to attend USF where he majored in Biological Health Sciences. Aside from birding, William loves metal concerts, playing guitar, concert and wildlife photography, and riding his bike from park to park.

William Laurie
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