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Bluebird Trail Report 3/23/2020

It was another beautiful day on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail and we have 24 nests (16 BB, 7 CC, 1 TM), and our first bluebird eggs! We have a total of 19 eggs (2 BB, 11 CC, 6 TM). See attached spreadsheet for details. Also attached are the 5 CC eggs in box F17, the 6 TM eggs in box F23, and the 2 BB eggs in box F30.

Last week on the trail, I saw a lot of small birds, but this week the large birds were in abundance. In one of the wetland areas, I saw about 50 wood storks, great egrets, and ibis foraging together. Beside the trail were a male and female turkey (attached picture of the male), a bobwhite quail, 2 mottled ducks, and several smaller birds like the catbird, bluejays, and pine warbler. Crossing the trail were 2 deer and foraging in the wetlands was a feral hog.

Attached is a picture of the Coralbeans (Erythrina herbacea) in full bloom in the native garden today,  and also attached is one beautiful little wildflower, Greeneyes (Berlandiera subacaulis),  and a  Roserush (Lygodesmia aphylla), both growing in the sandy, dry areas.

Everyone stay safe and stay home as much as possible.

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