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The Rebirth of Timeless Feeder

Inquiring minds want to know…what is your favorite style of bird feeder?

A classic tube feeder? Maybe a traditional hopper feeder? Or could it be a new-fangled seed or suet cylinder feeder?

All excellent choices!

But if backed into a corner, many passionate bird feeding hobbyists would all share the same answer. Their choice would be the simple and timeless tray feeder.

Why? Because birds love them! A tray feeder provides them with easiest access to the widest range of food types that can be used in any feeder. They find a tray to be a comfortable place to land and feed. It also makes them feel comfortably safe, since a tray provides

birds with an unrestricted field of view to avoid being surprised by a hawk or other predators.

And speaking of unrestricted views, no other bird feeder provides a better unobstructed look at the birds for your maximum viewing pleasure.

So why don’t more people use tray feeders?

Squirrels! Yes, in the past, an unprotected tray feeder was a sitting duck for squirrels. Needless to say, this type of feeder eventually fell out of favor with the “let’s not take a squirrel out to lunch bunch!”

But no more. Not since hot pepper bird foods came to the rescue by providing a quick and easy solution to these unwelcomed furry critters.

So, the time has come to restore the tray feeder to its former glory. Grab a bag of hot pepper seed and hang a tray feeder in your backyard and see if you don’t agree that this timeless feeder quickly becomes the new favorite of both you and your birds.


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