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Special Funding Request for Lettuce Lake Conservation Park

Updated: Nov 24

Please consider a donation to the Tampa Audubon Society for installation of a water feature at the Joel Jackson Nature Center at Lettuce Lake Conservation Park. The fountain will provide water in the native plant garden, and visitors can view the feature from the Nature Center’s window and pathways at the park. We hope installation will be complete this fall.

The water feature will be made of natural stone and offer cycling water that will splash on the rocks and collect in shallow depressions for birds to drink and bathe. The sound of the water will attract birds, such as the Yellow Warbler in the video above. The water feature is designed to be low maintenance, inexpensive to operate, and natural in appearance.

Tampa Audubon Society is working with the Friends of the Hillsborough County Parks, the Suncoast Native Plant Society, and County Parks staff to accomplish this installation, but we need the money to do this project. It will cost more than $5,000. Several people have already pledged to help. Will you?

Is so, please send your donation made out to “Tampa Audubon Society” to Tampa Audubon Society, P.O. Box 320025, Tampa, Florida 33679-2025. Please write in the notation blank on your check: Lettuce Lake water feature.

Thanks for considering this special funding request.

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