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September: The Month of Transitions

By Wild Birds Unlimited, Tampa

Family vacations have come and gone, baseball gives way to football, and school (and activities) become the focus for many.

Outside, summer’s heat starts tapering off toward the end of the month, and flowers are transitioning into seeds and berries. And trees might start dropping leaves.

Birds are in transition, too. Parental duties are now just a memory for most. Shorter days lead to restless stirrings in anticipation of their long journeys ahead. Old and worn feathers are still giving way to fresh, new plumage. These strong new feathers are crucial for efficient flight and staying warm and dry.

Transitions bring changes…and changes can be tough.

For molting birds, growing all new feathers is intense. During this four to eight week process, the need for protein, the main component of feathers, is through the roof! As is the need for enough energy to drive the process.

Migration is no less intense. Imagine needing to double your body weight within a couple weeks. Incredibly, birds do just that by gorging themselves to store extra body fat. The drive to pack on the fat needed for fuel is all consuming.

There is little room for error when it comes to obtaining the proper nutrition for molting and migration. Failure is not an option. Devouring foods that are high in fats and proteins are absolute priority this time of year.

Enter your opportunity to do a favor for your birds by providing exactly what they need at your feeders. Foods that are high in fats and proteins.

A great place to start would be by offering peanuts, sunflower chips, and suet.

Your birds will thank you, and you will be able to experience the transitions of the season as they unfold in your own backyard.


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