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Raptors and Rodenticide

Great Horned Owls with rat by Schocken Photography

Presented by:

Fairl Thomas, Wildlife Rescuer

Thursday, Nov. 2

6 pm: Photo Club

7 pm: Potluck (Bring a dish to share)

7:30 pm: Announcements and Program

Tampa Garden Club

2629 Bayshore Blvd.

Tampa, 33629

This presentation will dive into the issues of rodent control in urban ecology. How do we keep pests away without risking the detriment of natural pest control specialists, like raptors? Learn about the types of pest control, the dangers and effects of rodenticide, the tragic story of the Philippe Park Great Horned Owls, and what you can do to help save raptors in your area.

Fairl is a 2021 Eckerd College graduate with degrees in Environmental Biology and Animal Studies. She is a long-time wildlife rescuer and a board member for Birds In Helping Hands Wildlife Rescue in Pinellas County. Many of the wildlife tragedies she's been involved in have been due to entirely preventable anthropogenic causes. This inspired her to become more involved in advocacy and education, especially around the subjects of fishing line entanglement and rodenticide poisonings.

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