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President's Message March 2023

Hello Everyone,

When I consider things that are important, these things top my list: friends and family, a sense of accomplishment and worth, and health and happiness. Here I suggest that aspects of these things can be met through participation in Tampa Audubon!

"Okay, Ann," you say. "What in the world are you talking about now?"

Here’s my answer:

Research shows that mental health depends on a sense of involvement with other people, especially friends and folks with similar interests. BINGO #ONE! Joining us for field trips and membership meetings, working on a Tampa Audubon project, or Zooming a meeting – it’s all fun, and it’s good for you!

Research also shows that volunteering to make a better world gives great satisfaction and mental rewards. BINGO #TWO! It’s important to evaluate your skill set to see how you can meld your capacities best with goals of the Tampa Audubon Society and increase your success. Feel free to call me at (813) 624-3149 to discuss your ideas.

Additional studies reveal that walking in nature and observing the natural world reduce stress and promote a significant sense of well-being. These activities take our busy minds off large and petty worries and and re-set our happiness scale. BINGO #THREE!

Join Tampa Audubon for a field trip, participate in a clean-up, a volunteer activity, or just take a walk on the wild side!

So please, for yourself mostly, but also for our continued success as an Audubon chapter, join us, and bring along your friends and family. It’s for your own good – and theirs!



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