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News From the Bluebird Trails

Photo by George Veazey, III

Exciting changes have taken place this year on Tampa Audubon Society’s Bluebird Trails. First, the MacDill Air Force Base Bluebird Trail has joined us as trail number seven and is monitored by one of our board members, Mic McCarty. The trail has 10 boxes and has actually been operational for several years. Welcome aboard, Mic!

Secondly, after several years of no nesting bluebirds at Balm-Boyette Preserve, monitor Nancy Eydmann has begun relocating the 14 boxes to nearby Lithia Springs Park. By the beginning of the 2024 BB nesting season next March, all the boxes should be in place and ready for nesting bluebirds.

The 2023 Bluebird Nesting season is about half way over and is having a very productive season. So far, the total number of fledglings is more than 200 – mostly bluebirds, but also includes Carolina Chickadees, Tufted Titmice and Carolina Wrens.

Last year on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail, we had Evening Bats nesting in so many of our bluebird boxes that we put up three bat houses for them, hoping they would move out of our bluebird boxes. Surprisingly, they moved into two of our bat houses. Bat and bluebird nesting seasons overlap, and we think that one of the bat houses has a maternity colony in it right now. We are very happy that this plan worked!

By Mary Miller, Bluebird Trail Coordinator

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Jana Miller
Jana Miller
Jun 20, 2023

Mary Miller is sure fantastic for all of her hard work!

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