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May President's Message

As President of the Tampa Audubon Society, I often think about our members and what we do. All of us are volunteers. Tampa Audubon relies on our actions, interest, enthusiasm, skills, expertise, and commitment every day.

We are nothing except what our members want to volunteer to do. Our volunteers use their their time and volunteer labor, in the service of our community, by participating in Tampa Audubon.

That is just amazing and wonderful to me.

Being a volunteer has multiple benefits. It can bring meaning and purpose to our lives, while increasing our self-esteem and sense of well-being. Volunteering also relieves stress and can help reduce symptoms of depression and loneliness.

Being a volunteer for Tampa Audubon also has a tangible positive impact on our community. Volunteering can improve our relationships with other Tampa Audubon folks, as well as members of the public.

By doing good stuff for Tampa Audubon, we can also

  • Feel part of our community because we are working to improve things where we live and work.

  • Feel better about ourselves by improving our sense of self-esteem and our confidence. As we do good things, we receive positive feedback.

  • Share our talents as we learn new skills and strive to create a better work-life balance.

  • Combat stress, loneliness, social isolation and depression by being involved in good work for Tampa Audubon, our birds and wildlife, and our community.

  • Meet new people, which helps us feel more connected and valued.

I want to thank you – each of you – for what you do for Tampa Audubon and our community, our birds and wildlife, our habitats, clean air and water, and ourselves.

Thanks for letting me be your leader. I love volunteering alongside you. To volunteer, contact

Ann Paul

President, Tampa Audubon


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