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Do you volunteer with Tampa Audubon?

If you do, your contribution is greatly appreciated, and we’d like to recognize your contribution! We’re offering our volunteers a free membership to Birds of the World - the leading online authoritative resource for all things avian.

Birds of the World is an online bird resource created by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It presents scientific and in-depth information on most every species of birds in the entire world.

This $50 value is free for volunteers in gratitude for their important support of our mission. Tampa Audubon purchased subscriptions to offer volunteers.

Subscriptions are valid until May 31, 2025. If you have already volunteered and have not received an email offering you a free subscription, email Mic McCarty at

If you’re not a Tampa Audubon volunteer and would like to be one, contact one of the board members, fill out the interest forms or contact our Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteers can help with conservation by leading field trips, promoting birds, helping visitors at the Lettuce Lake Park, manning tabling events or by helping in other new and creative ways.  

There is a limited number of subscriptions, so don’t miss out! Volunteer today and learn more about your favorite bird species!


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