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December President's Letter

As we move forward this fall with activities for the Tampa Audubon Society, I always think it’s a good idea to reflect on our touchstone – our mission – to make sure we remain on target with what we promise our members and ourselves to do.

To repeat, our mission is to conserve and restore our ecosystems, focusing on birds, wildlife, and their habitats, through education, advocacy, and community involvement.

It’s pretty succinct. So, what does it really say? Here’s what I think:

- We are to make a difference in the Tampa Bay/Hillsborough County area.

- We are to make this part of the world a better place.

- We care about birds and other animals, a lot.

- Habitats are critical to our conservation efforts.

- Protecting undeveloped sites is important and restoring sites to more natural conditions is good.

- We are to promote environmental education about this specific area of the universe.

- Hillsborough County is unique and has valuable natural features that deserve conservation.

- It’s our job to speak out when we feel it would make a difference.

- Getting folks to help us is smart and part of what we are supposed to do.

- Working with other groups whose goals coordinate with us will make us more successful.

On the whole, I think our efforts align with the mission. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do more and we can’t do better. So, I ask you, please consider what you can do to help.

As you may remember, November marks the 60th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination. A terrible crime was committed on our country and our leader. His leadership stemmed from his legacy statement, “Ask not what country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

It’s a good concept. So, I ask you, what can you do for your country – using the Tampa Audubon Society?!

Thanks for considering this concept. And let me know how Tampa Audubon can help you!

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