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Bluebird Trail Report 3/2/2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first day of the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail Nesting Season!  We have no eggs yet, but I am happy to report that we already have five nests--one bluebird , three Carolina Chickadee, and one Tufted Titmouse . Attached are pictures of the bluebird nest, and one Chickadee nest. Note that the bluebird nest is made of grass and pine needles and the Chickadee nest is made of moss, rabbit and squirrel hair, cotton, and about anything else they can find. The spreadsheet is attached giving the details.

On the spreadsheet you will notice that, in the Sponsor column, most boxes have more than one sponsor. This is because we have more sponsors than boxes this year, so I had to double up. This also means that we collected more money than ever before for this project. So Thank you very much for your support!

For those new sponsors, you will find a legend at the bottom of the spreadsheet that explains the letters and numbers used. In the Nest column, P means a Partial nest. C means a Complete nest. A check in the BB column, means bluebird nest, a CC means Carolina chickadee nest, and TM means a tufted titmouse nest. See spreadsheet for data.

In addition to seeing bluebirds everywhere today, I also saw a swallow-tailed kite, ground dove, red-shouldered hawk, cardinal, mocking bird, pine and yellow-rump warblers, black and turkey vultures, and a northern parula.

Not much is in bloom yet in the park, but I did get a picture of a coral bean in the native garden, and blue-eyed grass, and brown-eyed Susans along the trail.

Thanks for joining us this year!

Mary Miller


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