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Bluebird Trail Reports 6-21-2021

  • Balm Boyette has one active TM nest, and 21 TM fledglings.

  • Lake Park has 9 active nests, 4 of them third nestings, with 37 BB eggs, 6 BB chicks, and 65 fledglings (47 BB, 12 CC, 6 CW).

  • Sargeant's Park has no active nests, and 10 BB fledglings.

  • Flatwoods Park has 23 active nests, one of them a third nesting, with 38 BB eggs, 21 BB chicks, and 127 fledglings (92 BB, 23 CC, 12 TM). See attached spreadsheet for details.

Flatwoods had a lot of new nests today, and the first third nesting. We were excited to observe a bluebird father flying with his 4 fledglings teaching them to hunt. Close by was the mother of those fledglings, incubating 4 new eggs in their nesting box.

The wildlife was very active today in the park. The native garden was buzzing with ruby-throated hummingbirds. Out on the trail, we were delighted to see 4 swallow-tailed kites circling overhead and a red-shouldered hawk diving down to catch a meal. At the nearby lakes were a family of black-bellied whistling-duck with about 10 ducklings. In addition, we saw wood ducks, little blue and great blue herons, a black-crowned night-heron, 2 ospreys, a great egret and roseate spoonbill feeding together, an anhinga, an ibis, the family of bluebirds I mentioned, tufted titmice, a Carolina chickadee, a Carolina wren, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers, ground and mourning doves, and heard northern bobwhite quail and eastern towhees.

The Tarflower(Befaria racemosa) are making quite a showing in the park, as are the Tickseed (Coreopsis leavenworthii), our state wildflower, since the rains began. On the lake edge, we spotted some beautiful Marsh Pinks (Sabatia stellaris).


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