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Bluebird Trail Reports 6-14-2021

  • Balm Boyette has 21 TM fledglings and no active nests.

  • Lake Park has a 9 active nests, 4 of them third nestings, with 20 BB eggs, 3 BB chicks, and a total of 65 fledglings (47 BB, 12 CC, 6 CW).

  • Sargeant's Park has 5 BB chicks with 5 BB fledglings.

  • Flatwoods Park has 23 active nests, with 16 of them second nestings, with 39 BB eggs, 35 BB chicks, and 109 fledglings (74 BB, 23 CC, 12 TM). See attached spreadsheet for details.

It seems Flatwoods Park has come alive with the recent rains, and our Native Garden was buzzing with 4 ruby-throated hummingbirds feeding on the native firebush, and dragonflies feeding on the Blanket Flower. Out on the trail we saw a lot of the same wading birds from last week--ibis, great blue, little blue, and tri-colored herons, great egrets, an anhinga, and 12 wood ducks--feeding right beside the same family of 7 feral pigs. Along with lots of bluebirds, we spotted a male summer tanager, cardinals, a Carolina wren, American crows, ground and mourning doves, a boat-tailed grackle, and an Eastern towhee. Five red-shouldered hawks were zooming around calling as they hunted. We also saw 3 deer and one wild rabbit.

Standing out among the pine trees, were many Yuccas (Yucca Filamentosa) with their beautiful white blooming spikes, as well as Flag Pawpaws (Asimina reticulata) with their yellow-green fruit.

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