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Bluebird Trail Report 8-5-2019

This was another wet day on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail and flowing water was everywhere. Ranger Josh told me that the other two wilderness parks--Trout Creek and Morris Bridge--are closed because of flooding. Anyway, I was able to make my final run on the bluebird trail and we are ending the bluebird season on a very high note with 189 fledglings (182 BB, 4 CC, 3 TM). This total also includes one bluebird box at resident Park Ranger Dixie Morgan's house. See attached spreadsheet for details. It has been a very good year for the Flatwoods Park Bluebirds!

Thanks to all the sponsors for your financial support enabling us to keep the trail in good condition and to produce educational brochures. I will be sending out a notice in January when it's time to again sponsor a box for the new 2020 nesting season. Hopefully, you will continue your support.

Thanks also to those volunteers who helped move and repair boxes, and any other thing that needed attention. I plan to announce a trail workday in about a month to get everything ready for next nesting season, once the water has receded and it's hopefully a bit cooler.

I hope you've enjoyed this year as much as I have and hope you join Tampa Audubon again next year in supporting a healthy bluebird population at Flatwoods Park.

Mary checking a nest box on the trail


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