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Bluebird Trail Report 6/13/22

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Below are the 6-13-2022 Weekly BB Trail Reports for the following Parks:

  • Balm Boyette Preserve: 5 CC fledglings, 3 TM chicks

  • Hunter's Green Park: 14 BB fledglings, 10 BB chicks

  • Lake Park: 56 fledglings (50 BB, 3 CC, 3 CW), 9 BB chicks, 16 BB eggs, with their first 3rd nesting.

  • Lettuce Lake Park: 7 fledglings (5 BB, 2 CC)

  • Sargeant's Park: 5 BB fledglings

  • Flatwoods Park: 103 fledglings (82 BB, 18 CC, 3 TM), 26 BB chicks, and 46 BB eggs. See attached spreadsheet for details.

It was pretty hot on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail today, but we saw several BB parents teaching their fledglings to hunt, and there were lots of BB chicks hatching in the boxes. Overall, it has been a very good year so far, but the second nestings in a box, are usually not as successful as the first. By the time the mom lays her second clutch of eggs, her calcium is becoming depleted and the eggs and chicks are not as healthy. That's why we find boxes like F10 with missing chicks, and box F27 with missing eggs. Sometimes they just don't make it.

We saw lots of birds today, including a Ruby-throated Hummingbird feeding on one of their favorite plants in the native garden, Firebush (Hamelia patens).

We also saw Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, a Common Gallinule, an Anhinga, a Little Blue Heron, an Osprey, Mourning and Ground Doves, a Swallow-tailed Kite, several Red-shouldered Hawks, Red-bellied and Downy Woodpeckers, White-eyed Vireos, Fish Crows, Tufted Titmice, Carolina Wrens, a Brown Thrasher, a Northern Mockingbird, Eastern Towhees, Common Yellowthroats, a Northern Parula and Northern Cardinals. We also saw a family of Raccoons.

The rains are finally coming and helping all our native plants, including Loosestrife (Lythrum alatum) and Scarlet Hibiscus (Hibiscus coccineus).



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