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Bluebird Trail Report 5/11/2020

Today was a nice cool day on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail and we already have a second nesting in box F30. This means that the chicks in F30 have successfully fledged, and the parents are nesting again in that box. We have a total of 25 eggs, and 53 chicks, all bluebirds, and a total of 48 fledglings (37 BB, 7 Carolina chickadees, 4 Tufted titmice). See attached spreadsheet for details. I've also attached pictures of the chicks and eggs in the following boxes: four BB chicks in boxes F8 and F13; one BB chick in box F16. Last week there were 3 chicks missing in that box and the one remaining chick didn't look well, but to my surprise, it will be ready to fledge sometime this week! A couple of weeks ago, I discarded the abandoned nest and eggs in box F38, and was happy to see a new nest with 3 eggs this week.

On the way to Flatwoods this morning I saw a Swallow-tailed kite and saw another one at Flatwoods. I also saw a great blue heron, immature little blue heron, Great egret, osprey, blue-gray gnatcatcher, ground doves, male summer tanager, Ruby-throated hummingbird, great-crested flycatcher, and wood ducks. Attached is a picture of the wood ducks taken by Ranger Clint Perigard.

I've also attached pictures of two migrating birds that stopped in my yard on their trip north--a black-throated blue warbler, and a male American redstart. Also attached is a picture of the just beginning to bloom picture of the native Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia).

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