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Bluebird Trail Report 4-29-2019

There was a lot going on today on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail! We already have our second nesting of the season in box F36. The chicks just fledged in that box last week, and already the parents have built a new nest. The bluebirds that lost their 5 chicks last week in box F17, have already built a new nest and have 2 eggs already! The birds seem to be very resilient! We have a total of 7 fledglings (4 BB, 3 TM), with 44 chicks (38 BB, 4 CC, 2 TM), and 57 eggs, all bluebird. Attached are pictures of the 2 BB chicks in F13, the 3 BB chicks in F4, and the 5 BB chicks in F15.

Wildlife was abundant today. In addition to all the bluebirds, I saw two turkeys, one with several young poults, whistling ducks, woodstorks, great egrets, adult and juvenile ibis, great blue heron, roseate spoonbill, and heard eastern towhee, bobwhite quail, and a red-shouldered hawk. I also saw a deer and?? gopher tortoise.

I didn't see many new flowers today, but the very tall thistles (Cirsium horridulum) were very abundant and attractive to the Gulf Fritillary butterflies (2 pictures attached). I've also attached two pictures of one of the other abundant native plants that is hard to photograph, the Southern Gaura (Gaura angustifolia)


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