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Bluebird Trail Report 4-16-2019

We have a lot of new eggs and chicks this week with a total of 68 eggs (56 BB, 10 CC, 2TM), and 20 chicks (16 BB, 4 TM). Attached are pictures of 4 bluebird eggs in box F43, 2 Titmice eggs in box F46, 3 bluebird chicks in box F35, and 4 bluebird chicks in box F36.

We immediately heard the bobwhite quail calling, saw the ruby-throated hummingbird in the native garden, saw turkey vultures, a woodstork, and a swallow-tailed kite flying overhead.

More beautiful plants are in bloom and I've attached pictures of the White-tops or Star Rush (Rhynchospora colorata),in the sedge family (which is everywhere), Shiny blueberries (Vaccinium myrsinites) with ripening berries on the plants, Camphor Weed (Pluchea rosea), and the Roserush (Lygodesmia aphylla).

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