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Bluebird Report 7/13/2020

It was a pleasant day on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail and we have another third nesting in box F30. We have a total of 137 fledglings (126 BB, 7 CC, 4 TM), with 22 chicks and 14 eggs, all bluebird. See attached spreadsheet for details. Also attached are the bluebird chicks in boxes F10 and F37. I've also included Tampa Audubon member George Veazey's picture of the mother bluebird of box F2 collecting a frog to feed her chicks.

In addition to all the bluebirds, I saw a ruby-throated hummingbird in the native garden, cardinals, red-shouldered hawk, swallow-tailed kite, wild turkey, eastern towhee, anhinga, great blue, little blue, and tri-colored herons, 4 wood ducks, and 25 black-bellied whistling ducks, which included one mother and her many ducklings (picture taken by Sherry Keller attached).

Flatwoods is still ablaze with beautiful blooming plants and today I've attached a couple of pictures of plants that grow around lake edges--the marsh pink (Sabatia grandiflora) and the bog-batchelor button (Polygala lutea).


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