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Birds and Other Nature Podcasts

By Mic McCarty, Tampa Audubon Field Trip Leader/Director

One of Tampa Audubon's missions is to educate ourselves and others about birds and the natural environment. There are many excellent resources for this: books, videos, shows, web sites and podcasts. To this end, we are gathering names of podcasts to share with our members. There are the obvious podcasts, such as the American Birding Podcast and Bird Note.

I have found a few other excellent nature pods – The Science of Birds and Nature Guys. Are you a native plant enthusiast or just plant interested? Try In Defense of Plants. We can also share podcasts about our natural places like America’s National Parks Podcast.

The views expressed in these podcasts reflect only the views of the producers of their shows. Neither I nor Tampa Audubon claim that every statement or opinion is in alignment with national or chapter values. In general, they offer diverse points of view and are worth consideration.

To see the podcasts that I currently listen to. Click here.

I am keenly interested in what you are listening to. I have developed a voracious appetite for nature podcasts and am always on the hunt for more. Please send your favorite pods to be added to the list. Let’s share and grow! Email your favorites to Mic McCarty.

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