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April Field Trip Sightings

Lake Rogers Regional Park

By Lilian Saul

We enjoyed a beautiful walk around Lake Rogers in northwest Hillsborough County in April. Clear skies and cool temperatures, what more could you ask for? The best sighting was a Swallow-tailed Kite that flew so close above our heads that we felt we could reach up and touch it. A jogger doing laps entertained us with bird call imitations each time he passed us. The complete list is here.

Cedar Key

By Mary Keith, Conservation Chair, Tampa Audubon Society

A variable group from 3 to 12 spent 3 days birding around Cedar Key April 14-16. We were hoping for a better fall-out of migrating species, but our final trip list of 83 wasn’t too bad. The highlight of the trip was a Bronzed Cowbird, showing off his ruffed nape and bright red eye! We also had a smattering of warblers: Hooded, Prothonotary, Prairie, Northern Parula, Worm-eating, and a few late Palms. The shorebirds were out in force, from 30 something American Avocets right beside the highway the first evening, to a couple of Whimbrels and a lineup of dowitchers, godwits and more. And one adult Great Horned Owl with two still-fuzzy owlets in the cemetery were stars of their own show. The full trip list can be found at here.

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