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Bluebird Trail Reports 7/18/22

Flatwoods Park Photos 7-18-2022
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7-18-22 weekly spreadsheet
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Below are the weekly reports for the following parks:

  • Balm-Boyette Preserve: 8 fledglings (5 CC, 3 TM)

  • Hunter's Green Park: 24 BB fledglings, 8 BB eggs

  • Lake Park: 80 fledglings (71 BB, 3 CC, 6 CW), 7 BB chicks, 8 BB eggs

  • Lettuce Lake Park: 7 fledglings (5 BB, 2 CC)

  • Sargeant's Park: 5 BB fledglings

  • Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail: 156 fledglings (135 BB, 18 CC, 3 TM), 8 BB chicks, and 13 BB eggs remaining. See attached spreadsheet for details.

Today was a very hot day on the Flatwoods Park Bluebird Trail, but the birds are still active and we saw several BB adults flying with their young.

We saw a couple of birds that we don't ordinarily see-- Little Blue Heron (calico phase between immature white and adult blue), and a Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker. In addition we saw a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Red-bellied and Pileated Woodpeckers, a White-eyed Vireo, Mourning and Ground Doves, Black and Turkey Vultures, a Red-Shouldered Hawk, a male Bobwhite with 2 chicks, an Anhinga, Great Crested Flycatchers, a Blue Jay, a Carolina Wren, Eastern Towhee, a Northern Parula, and Northern cardinals. We also saw a Gopher Tortoise.

The Tarflowers (Bejaria racemosa) are still blooming, and the Goldenrod (Solidago tortifolia) are beginning to bloom. (Pictures of highlighted wildlife and plants are in the attachment)



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