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2024 Bluebird Nesting Season Has Begun!

Story by Mary Miller, TAS BB Trail Coordinator

Photo of Eastern Bluebird eggs ©Mary Miller.

Tampa Audubon Society’s Bluebird Trail monitors have been busily preparing for the beginning of bluebird nesting season, which began on March 1. With the help of volunteers Janet Amendola, Michael Keller, and Clint Perigard, they have cleaned, repaired, and relocated some boxes, getting ready for the birds to return for the new nesting season.


Monitors include:

Flatwoods Park: Mary Miller, Sherry Keller, Roxie Custalow and Irwin Schuster

Hunter’s Green: Patricia O’Brien-Giglia

Lake Park: Joni Hartzler & husband Gary Krotz

Lettuce Lake Park: Sherry Keller

Lithia Springs Park: Nancy Eydmann & Carolyn Persad

MacDill Air Force Base: Mic McCarty & Lynn Mitchell

Sargeant’s Park: Roxie Custalow


All parks are reporting some activity with Eastern Bluebirds, Carolina Chickadees, Tufted Titmice and/or Carolina Wrens. Flatwoods Park also has a few Evening Bats that still prefer the BB boxes, rather than inhabit the bat houses that have been installed for them. Lithia Springs is beginning its first year with a BB Trail and is very excited that it already has 2 boxes with BB eggs!


Stay tuned as the year progresses and we watch as the birds raise their young for another productive year!



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