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Jim McGinity

Florida Young Birders Club Coordinator


Jim is basically a bird enthusiast since forever! He got into bird watching when he was just 7 years old and hasn't stopped since. He's been spreading his bird love to folks of all ages while working at nature centers across four different states. Jim even kicked off a bird banding station in Milwaukee and has been involved in various bird-related research and citizen science projects. In 2011, he set up another banding station in west central Florida, where he tags birds for 6 weeks every year in the spring and fall. He's all about teaching people, young and old, about the importance of native plants and keeping ecosystems healthy for our feathered friends. And get this, in 2021, Jim launched the Tampa chapter of the Florida Young Birders Club to get kids aged 9 – 17 into bird watching, ecology, and conservation. How cool is that?

Jim McGinity
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