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2022 Speakers

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Kimberly Tapley

September 1

Kim Tapley is a Senior Environmental Manager in the Wetlands Division of the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County (EPC). She has 16 years of wetland regulatory experience and oversees the Assessment permitting section in the Wetlands Division. She routinely coordinates and assists local and state governments with development projects and wetland conservation. She is the Vice President of the Florida Local Environmental Resource Agencies (FLERA), a non-profit organization, and is the chair of their Natural Resource Committee. Mrs. Tapley received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and a Master of Science degree in Geology from the University of South Florida and has been certified by the Society of Wetland Scientists as a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS).

This presentation will outline what the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County (EPC) does as an Agency and its history serving the residents of Hillsborough County. Topics will also include the history of wetlands in Florida and the wetland impact trends over the last century, the importance of wetlands and what the public can do to protect them.

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John Lampkin

November 3

Join us as John answers these burning questions: Do butterflies drink tears from crocodile eyeballs? Why doesn’t a male butterfly fall out when dangling mid air when flying coupled to a female? Inquiring minds want to know, and John Lampkin has the answers to these and other compelling questions with photographic proof!

John Lampkin’s photographs grace the pages of field guides, websites and magazines and he won the “American Butterflies” magazine 2020 photo contest. As a neoclassical composer, he won international prizes for his “Piano Concerto” and woodwind quintets. He has constructed many crossword puzzles, often with nature themes, for the NY Times, LA Times and Wall Street Journal. At heart, he is just a guy with a camera who thinks and shares what he discovers.


Nancy Murrah

December 1

Nancy Murrah spent many years as the Director of Learning for the one of the largest insurance companies in America. Today she dedicates her life to rehabilitating wildlife, especially birds of prey. Always while exploring, learning and growing others knowledge of wildlife she teaches the importance of conserving wild lands and clean water for animals and people alike. She is currently a Federally and State Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator and the President of The Raptor Center of Tampa Bay where, in addition to many duties, she designs and delivers Nature Programs.

A native of Tampa, Florida, she has spent the majority of her life outside learning about nature. She is a local writer of children’s stories, facilitator, photographer and illustrator. Nancy has written stories for both education and entertainment. Her stories include Tilly the Gopher Tortoise, The Eagles’ Forest, Paige Eagle Ambassador and Ollie the Alligator. Most of the illustrations in the programs were also drawn by Nancy.

She serves as a citizen scientist for EagleWatch, an Audubon Florida program, she is on the board of directors for Tampa Audubon, Volunteers for both JayWatch and ColonyWatch projects, as well as participating in the Christmas Bird Count, Migratory Bird Count, Hawk Watch in the keys when she can and The Great Backyard Bird Count. Nancy spends the fast majority of her time rescuing and rehabilitating raptors and is building a Bird of Prey Rehabilitation and Education Center.

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Joe Whalen

February 2

Before joining TBEP in 2018, Joe had been cultivating skills and experience in the fields of outdoor education, marketing, media production and environmental communications. His goal is to curate and distill media that complements the invaluable work being done by the Program’s staff and its many partners through innovative partnerships and an impactful community presence. His eye for design and marketing trends ensures the Program is heard in an increasingly noisy media landscape. True to his New York roots, Joe stays busy outside of the office by serving on the Pathfinder Outdoor Education board of directors and as a guitarist in a local alt-rock band.

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