Upcoming & Past Speakers

April 2, 2020

Peter Brannon

Nature Photographer

Peter Brannon photographs birds. He says "There is something relaxing to the spirit in photographing them. Their variety can ensure that the love of the pursuit never ebbs, and the connection in the natural world that occurs can calm and center the mind."

Originally from Nova Scotia, Peter currently resides in Tampa, Florida. His love of birds began with photography and then extended into the world of birding. Although they seem like different hobbies with different skill sets, the two activities actually complement one another. The extended periods of observation that come with photography can heighten your appreciation from species to species as well as recognize and revel in the patterns of behavior that emerge - and these are the moments he strives to capture.


Peter's photographs have received numerous awards and recognition from the National Audubon Society. They have also been recognized by Nature's Best Photography, and have been featured in numerous publications internationally. Join us on April 2nd for a journey through Peter's photography, as he shares the techniques that he uses and likes. 


February 6, 2020

Pam Deneve & Polly

Pam is a volunteer and head ‘tortoise wrangler’ at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, a favorite birding spot for TAS members. Until last year, she was also a member of the TAS Board of Directors until Polly stole her heart! 


Join us on February 6th to learn why the Gopher Tortoise is such an important, enigmatic species! Polly the Gopher Tortoise will be in attendance to demonstrate the features that make this species so unique.


November 7, 2019

John Lampkin

Nature Photographer

John Lampkin is an avid citizen naturalist and Nature Photographer. His images adorn many websites, scientific books, journals, newsletters and blogs and he writes a “Trail Blazing” column for the local press. Over the past five years, John Lampkin has been photo-documenting not just the birds, but all of the flora and fauna of his Hillsborough home turf. In our November meeting, he will share his images and insights with us, answering such questions as:

TheyLIveAmongstUs-Lampkin (002).jpg

  • How do our critters survive in an urban environment?

  • What are the challenges our feathered fauna face and how can we best help them?

  • How many Swamp Eels can a Little Blue Heron catch and eat in an hour?

His obsession with photographing birds and bugs makes him quirky but trust us - he's harmless! Join us on November 7th as John takes us deeper into the world of nature photography.

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October 3, 2019

Reiner Munguia

Nature Photography Instructor

Reinier is a commercial and nature photographer with a strong education and conservation vision. His work has appeared in several publications including textbooks and magazines. He reaches thousands of people every year through his nature presentations in schools and nature events. Reinier has led photography and birding trips across the United States, as well as Costa Rica, Ecuador and Puerto Rico. He has also served as the President and teacher of the Polk County Camera Club for the past 5 years. Join us October 3rd to hear him talk about woodpeckers of the Tampa Bay region.


Lake Region Audubon Society, President
Polk County Camera Club, President
Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators Assoc., Advisory Board
LRAS Eagle Watch, Volunteer Coordinator

woodpeckers nature's wood workers

September 5, 2019

Chris Reiss

Emeritus Professor (Broward Community College)

Broward County Burrowing Owl Guardian

Burrowing owls are a threatened species in Florida. We have watched them disappear from our county due to habitat destruction from development. Project Perch was started by an avian biologist, Kelly Heffernan, in Broward County in 2008 for South Florida Audubon. Our speaker, Chris Reiss, their most dedicated volunteer, has recently moved to the Tampa area and we would like to help him extend that project to the Tampa area. Project Perch's mission is to nurture and protect burrowing owls in southeast Florida. They have partnered with the Broward County School System, the largest landowner in Broward County, with their children's program, "Plant a Burrow, Grow an Owl"! 

Join us September 5th to hear him talk about burrowing owls in Hillsborough County and what we can do to save them.




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