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July 15th Annual Joint Meeting of the Tampa Audubon Society, Tampa Bay Sierra Club, and Suncoast Native Plant Society at Nature's Classroom

Program: "Beneficial Bats and Their Role in Ecosystem Health"

Speaker: Shari Blissett-Clark

Shari's fascination with bats began over 20 years ago when she partnered with Bat Conservation International as a bat house researcher and built and erected many successful bat houses throughout Florida. The alarming decline in bat populations throughout the world has spurred Shari to redouble her public education efforts regarding these highly beneficial mammals.

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Photo Credit: Doug DeNeve
Trout Creek girl release 5/24
Flying to Freedom

During the 2014-15 eagle season, Hillsborough County had its share of eaglets falling out of their nests. The first eaglet to be found on the ground literally fell with her nest and was not able to be saved, sadly. The other three eaglets that fell from their nests in Brandon, Flatwoods, and Trout Creek were found, rescued, rehabilitated and released back into nature where they belong. The Trout Creek girl was just released this past Memorial Day Weekend [see photo]. It is a beautiful thing to see each of these juvenile eagles fly to freedom.

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Save Hooked Birds!

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7/11, 8/8 - Lettuce Lake Park—Beginning Birding

Birdy News & Events

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- Florida Breeding Bird Atlas Codes - A video that describes the codes you must use when reporting for the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas project.

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