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October 1st General Meeting (click here for details)

"Wilson's Plovers: How a pair divides incubation duties"
with Lauren Dean

Photo by Danny Sauvageau

Ground nesting birds often limit activity near nests to avoid detection from predators by incubating for long periods of time before being relieved by their mate. However, this may differentiate time available to forage between male and female Wilson's Plovers that feed primarily on fiddler crabs. We quantified differences in incubation and foraging success between male and female Wilson's Plovers during the day and at night.

Lauren graduated from University of Delaware with a BS degree in Wildlife Conservation and Entomology in 2005. She spent the following summer in Maine working as a field tech for a PhD student investigating the effects of forest management practices on reproductive success of hermit thrushes. Lauren migrated south to Tampa where she worked as an environmental consultant for six years. She's worked extensively with Florida's listed avifauna especially Florida scrub-jays and burrowing owls. She also ran a migratory banding station at Cockroach Bay Preserve, volunteered to assist Ron Smith investigate abundance of sharp-tailed sparrows on Shell Key Preserve, and spent summer weekends helping rooftop nesting Least Terns. In 2011 Lauren temporarily left Florida to get a Masters degree in Biology at Georgia Southern University. During that time she taught nearly 400 students in various lab courses as Environmental Biology, Biology of Organisms, Ornithology, and Genetics. Lauren currently works as an Ecologist at Flatwoods Consulting Group in Tampa, Florida.

Save Hooked Birds!

Click here to download our new brochure that outlines the perils our shorebirds and waders are in from fishing line and hooks, and what you can do!

- Link to video of Osprey rescue

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  • Oct 11 Special Eaglewatch Workshop (click here for details)

  • Nov 14 - 16 St. Marks NWR and Wakulla Springs S.P. and Lodge spots still available! (click here for details)

On November 4th
- The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment - that dedicates funding for water and land conservation, management and restoration by amending the state constitution. Click here for details!

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9/13 - Lettuce Lake, Beginning Birding

9/13 - Shell Key Preserve, Pinellas Cty

9/20 - Westshore Sanctuary Cleanup

10/11 - Lettuce Lake, Beginning Birding

10/11 - Eagle Watch Workshop

10/12 - John Chesnut Park, Palm Harbor

10/18 - Oscar Scherer State Park - Myakka River State Park

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Birdy News & Events

- Read about Ann Paul and Mark Rachal's work with hooked birds in these two articles: "Seabirds' lives on the (fishing) line" and "Light but lethal, stray fishing line takes toll on seabirds" (Tampa Bay Tribune/tampabay.com).

- Florida Breeding Bird Atlas Codes - A video that describes the codes you must use when reporting for the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas project.

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