Welcome to the Tampa Audubon Society

On November 4th vote 'Yes' on Amendment 1 - the Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment - that dedicates funding for water and land conservation, management and restoration by amending the state constitution. Click here for details!

May 1st General Meeting 7pm (click here for details)

"Little Fish are a Big Deal to Birds"
with Cameron Jaggard

Cameron Jaggard of the PEW Charitable Trust will give us a short presentation on safeguarding forage fish populations to keep our oceans healthy and ensure a robust food supply for our coastal wildlife and what the PEW Charitable Trust is doing to help.

At 8pm, there will be a special presentation from the Photo Club. More details to follow.

Save Hooked Birds!

Click here to download our new brochure that outlines the perils our shorebirds and waders are in from fishing line and hooks, and what you can do!

- Link to video of Osprey rescue

Join a Field Trip

4/26-27 - Cedar Key

5/4 - Ft. DeSoto

5/10 - Lettuce Lake, Beginning Birding

6/14 - Lettuce Lake, Beginning Birding

7/12 - Lettuce Lake, Beginning Birding

8/9 - Lettuce Lake, Beginning Birding

Birdy News & Events

- YOU'RE INVITED! Audubon of Florida, Costal Island Sanctuaries, is inviting you to attend the 80th Anniversary Cruise to to the Richard T. Paul Alafia Bank Bird Sanctuary on May 8. Full details here.

- Learn about upcoming events at Circle B Bar Reserve. You can also sign-up for their e-newsletter.